US Lawmakers Launched FDA Emergency Funds Bill To Address Baby Formula Shortage


The United States House of Democrats has launched a bill for the purpose of providing 28 million dollars in the emergency funds to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States for helping the agency in responding to a nationwide shortage of the infant formula and also strengthening the supervision of the industry.

These funds are going to be provide the US FDA with the resources for preventing the fraudulent products from being placed on the shelves and the funds are also going to be used for the purpose of strengthening the workforce of the US FDA that is focused on the formula issues and also increasing the inspection staff.

House Appropriations Committee of the United States said, they are making sure that a lack of the funding has not been a barrier for getting the safe formula to the parents and to the babies. Rosa DeLauro, head of the committee said, currently, the US FDA did not have adequate inspection force for the purpose of approving more baby formula companies whether internationally or domestically in a timely manner.

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She said that, she had been told that, they are having only nine people to do this and the US FDA did not responded immediately about the matter. The United States have been grappling with a widespread infant formula shortage since the top producer of the United States ‘Abbot Laboratories’ has issued recall in the month of February 2022 after getting the reports of the bacterial infections.