US Health Experts, Washing Maybe Better Than Wiping


The novel corona virus pandemic has shocked the world and one can only imagine the shortage of the foods, along with the grocery items and medical supplies to the people. But the panic of purchasing the toilet papers had really been something else.

According to some of the experts, the country ‘India’ has credited with an invention of having a butt hose that gives a steady stream of water, which one can possibly direct the bottom while washing.

Dr Phillip Buffington, chief medical officer of Urology Group in the United States said that, washing has been cleaner than wiping and he added, by using a dry toilet paper and leaving a residue of stool and bacteria, whereas if the people are using a bidet, they will be washing all the bacteria and residue away.

Dr Allen Kamrava, colorectal and general surgeon based in California said, this has been the main reason why the people, who wash or use bidet are less likely to have the problems with rashes, discomfort and irritation.

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According to the experts, washing is gentler and it causes no tears unlike wiping and there is also the issue of the anal tears because everyone does not wipe gently with the toilet paper.

The experts also said, the most common injuries related to anus have been tears that are caused by improper wiping. The toilet papers that are used for cleaning the butts, if they are used in excess, they can possibly cause severe damage to the sensitive skin around the anus.