US Government Working on New Coronavirus Rules for International Travelers


Amid the increase in the cases of Delta corona virus variant in the United States of America, the government of United States has been considering the requirement of vaccinations against the novel corona virus along with contact tracing of the international travelers visiting the country.

Jeffrey Zients, corona virus response coordinator of the US government said, the current or ongoing novel corona virus travel restrictions are going to remain in place until the government of the United States rolls out a new travel system for the purpose of regulating the international travel.

Currently, the government of the United States have banned most of the international travelers, who have travelled to countries like China, India, United Kingdom, Brazil and several countries in Europe in past 14 days, and last month, the government of the United States have eased the travel restrictions for India, along with issuing a Level 2 rating for India, and prior to this, the United States have Kept India under the category of Level 4.

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Although, the airlines along with several other travel companies in the country have been pushing the Biden administration for the purpose of easing the travel restrictions specifically on the travelers from United Kingdom.

Jeffrey Zients also said, they are also going to be putting the contact tracing in place for the purpose of enabling the CDC to take the follow up with all the inbound international travelers and the people around them if someone has potentially been exposed to the novel corona virus.