US Government Warns its Citizen to Travel to UK as Covid-19 Cases Increase


The government of United States have warned the citizens of the country to travel to United Kingdom over the concerns of the continuously increasing novel corona virus cases in United Kingdom, and United Kingdom had been placed on the highest level of the travel guidance of US and on Monday, 26th July 2021, the government of US also warned that, even fully vaccinated people of US can also be at risk.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued the warning on the day when Boris Johnson, prime minister of United Kingdom have announced the end of the laws for mask wearing and social distancing while reopening the bars, nightclubs and restaurants in UK.

The travelers from US have been told for avoiding the travel to the United Kingdom, but they are also advised to ensure that, they are fully vaccinated if the travel is essential, and the US travel guidance said, because of the current novel corona virus situation in the United Kingdom, even the fully vaccinated people of US might be at risk for getting infected, along with spreading the novel corona virus variants.

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On the US rating, United Kingdom has now joined Level 4 countries including South Africa, Brazil and the Netherlands, and in spite of a worrying increase in the novel corona virus infections and hospitalizations, the government of United Kingdom has still been blindly pushing the country ahead with the removal of all the novel corona virus restrictions.