US Government Lifted Covid-19 Travel Ban for International Travelers


On Monday, 8th November 2021, the government of the United States has lifted the corona virus travel restrictions for the international travellers from a long list of the countries including Canada, Mexico, and several parts of Europe, along with allowing the travelers for making the long-delayed trips and family members for reconnecting with the loved ones after a time period of over a year and a half because of the novel corona virus pandemic.

The United States has now been accepting the fully vaccinated travelers at the land borders and airports by doing away with the restrictions of the corona virus that has been dating back to the administration of Donald Trump, and these new rules are allowing the air travel from the countries that were restricted in the past until the travelers has the proof of full vaccination along with a negative test report of corona virus.

The land travel from the countries including Canada and Mexico is going to require the proof of corona virus vaccination but will not require test. The airline in the country are also expecting more travelers from the countries of Europe, and the data from Cirium, a travel and analytics company has shown that, the airlines are now increasing the flights by 21 percent between the United States and the United Kingdom.

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This change is going to have adverse effect on the borders with Canada and Mexico, where traveling back and forth had been a way of life as long as the novel corona virus pandemic hit and closed all the non-essential travel in the United States.