US Government Announced $103 Million to Address Burnout Crisis of Healthcare


The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) of the United States have formally announced that, the organization of going to be allocating 103 million dollars from the American rescue Plan for the purpose of strengthening the resiliency and for addressing burnout in the healthcare workforce.

The press release from the Department of Health & Human Services has been providing the insights into the motive behind the initiative, which includes the stress and challenges faced by the healthcare providers of United States because of the high patient volumes, along with the demands in the workplace and long working hours.

These challenges had also been amplified with the novel corona virus pandemic, and have also had a negative impact in the rural areas and also on the communities of colour and these programs have been announced for the purpose of supporting the implementation of the informed strategies based on the evidence for helping the healthcare providers and organizations for responding to the stressful situations, avoiding the burnout, endure hardships and also fostering the healthy workplace environments, which are responsible in promoting the resiliency and mental health.

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This initiative has been well-timed, as the healthcare worker and physician burnout has never been higher in the past, and continuously increasing numbers of the patient, along with an overall increase in the workload of physician and also bridging the shortage of the physicians are just some of the challenges, which the healthcare system of the United States has been currently facing.