US Foods Adds Initiative to Decrease Carbon Footprint of its Fleet


The US Foods has recently added the new initiatives of sustainability that has been intending to support the ongoing commitment of the company for decreasing the carbon footprint of the company’s delivery fleet.

The company ‘US Foods’ is also planning to convert the fleet fuel to all of the broadline distribution centers of California from the traditional diesel fuel to the renewable diesel fuel by the mid of 2022, and additionally, the US Foods said, it is going to be adding 30 electric trucks to the company’s distribution center based in La Mirada, California by the end of 2023.

These efforts are also building on the existing environmental sustainability programs of the company, and in the past, the US Foods also reported a decrease of 7.3 percent in the Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions intensity since the year 2015 and also a decrease in 6.9 percent in the gallons of the fuel that has been used per case delivered.

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Gautam Grover, senior VP of operations excellence for the US Foods said, at the US Foods, the delivery of the products by truck has been core to their business and they have continuously been improving the efficiency of transportation of their fleet, and the fleet sustainability projects like the company Renewable Diesel fuel conversions and the electric truck integrations has been directly contributing to their commitment for decreasing their carbon footprint and they are also forward for the expansion of these efforts.