US FDA Might Give Full Permission to Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine in this Week


According to the report, the US FDA may be giving the complete permission to the novel corona virus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, and the health regulators of the United States had been reportedly working for the purpose of finishing the negotiations and paperwork with Pfizer and BioNTech.

The two-dose vaccine of Pfizer and BioNTech has currently being given in the United States under the emergency use authorization, that had been granted in the month of December 2021, and the Pfizer and bioNTech has sought the permission of the vaccine from the US FDA in the month of May 2021.

The permission to the Pfizer novel corona virus vaccine will be responsible for allowing Pfizer and BioNTech for supply the vaccine directly to the consumers, and it can possibly make it easier for the schools and government agencies for requiring the vaccinations.

According to the data from the US CDC, more than 203 million doses of the novel corona virus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech have also been administered in the United States, and US CDC and FDA has also given permission for a third dose of the corona virus vaccine developed by Moderna and Pfizer for several immunocompromised people in the United States.

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The health officials of the United States along with the administration of Joe Biden said that, the complete vaccinated people of the country, who had received the vaccine shots of any of the two vaccine producing companies have also been eligible for a booster vaccine dose, and the company Moderna is also seeking approval for its covid-19 vaccine from the FDA.