US FDA Issued Warning Against Companies Selling Non-Approved Skin Lightening Products


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has issued warning letters to the twelve companies for selling some over-the-counter (OTC) skin lightening products, which are not approved by the US FDA and the products are also possessing safety risks.

The skin lightening products from the companies include M&M Beauty and Wellness, along with Ultimark Products and Genomma Lab USA that is containing hydroquinone, which is a depigmentation agent that is used in the skin lightening creams that has come under the scrutiny of the US FDA over the concerns related to safety.

Currently, there has been only one drug known as Tri-Luma, which has been approved by the US FDA that is containing hydroquinone and the Tri-Luma cream has been a prescription product for the purpose of treatment of the moderate to serious melisma, which has been a pigmentation disorder.

The US FDA said that, it has received the reports of the serious side effects that is including the skin rashes and the facial swelling from the skin lightening products that is also containing the hydroquinone. The US FDA has also advised the people for not using such kind of the products as they might be resulting in the conditions like ochronosis, which is discoloration of the skin and it also be permanent.

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The US FDA also said that, the OTC skin lightening products are containing the hydroquinone is need to be approved by the US FDA before they can be sold in the market legally.