US FDA Approves Johnson & Johnson, Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shots


The US FDA has now given the acceptance for the use of third doses or booster shots of the novel corona virus vaccines that has been manufactured by the companies including Johnson & Johnson and Moderna for the people, who are eligible for taking the shots.

The US FDA has also given the authorization to the administration of a mix and match booster dose of the corona virus vaccine after all the eligible individuals have successfully completed the primary schedule of the vaccination along with a different vaccine available.

The US FDA said, the schedule for the booster dose of the novel corona virus vaccine, which has now been approved in the United States, and a single booster dose of the corona virus vaccine known Janssen that might be administered to the individuals who are 18 years of age and above at least two months after the completion of the process.

The third dose of the corona virus vaccine developed by Moderna is going to be administered at least six months after the individuals that are eligible for receiving their first dose of the approved novel corona virus vaccine.

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The US FDA also said, the individuals might be receiving a booster novel corona virus vaccine shot from a different producer as compared to the regular covid-19 vaccine doses, which the individuals have received earlier in 2021, and the use of each of the covid-19 vaccines available as a mix and match booster dose among the eligible individuals followed by the completion of the primary vaccination along with different vaccine available.