US FDA Approves Dupilumab To Treat Atopic Dermatitis In Pediatric Patients


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has approved Dupilumab (Dupixent) for the children aged between 6 months to 5 years suffering with moderate tp serious atopic dermatitis whose disease has not been adequately controlled with the topical prescription therapies.

The regulatory filings for this particular age group have been underway by the European Medicines Agency and the regulatory authorities in the additional countries. Julie Block, president and chief executive officer at National Eczema Association said, the moderate to serious atopic dermatitis in the babies and young children has been more than just a rash and intense itch and can also make them scratch uncontrollably throughout the day and night and is also responsible for causing their skin to bleed and crack.

She also said, the care givers are doing their best for managing the skincare routines most of the times in a day but for most of the patients, the topical treatments are not enough. They are very pleased for seeing how the scientific innovation and research has been continuing to address the unmet needs for the community of atopic dermatitis and they are hopeful for the positive impact of Dupixent that can have for all these children along with their families.

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In the United States, over 75,000 children aged 5 years and younger have been uncontrolled disease and have also been in the need of a new treatment options and the disease might also significantly impacting the quality of life of young children and also their caregivers.