US FDA: Annual Covid-19 Shots Must Needed To Stop Future Outbreaks


According to the officials at the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, it is the time for accepting that, as the presence of the corona virus is going to remain inevitable, the need for the annual vaccination might be the new norm for the blunt outbreaks in the future.

The officials of the US FDA said that, the United States is needing to update the corona virus vaccines each year, which might also include an annual corona virus vaccine along with an additional seasonal flu shot. The officials of the US FDA also said that, as many people have been hoping that, the worst of the novel corona virus pandemic is over, it is now the time for accepting that, the presence of the novel corona virus has been the new normal.

The officials also noted that, it is likely going to be circulating across the globe for the foreseeable future, which will be taking its place along with several other common respiratory viruses like influenza and it is likely going to require similar annual consideration for the updates of the covid-19 vaccine composition.

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Last week, the US FDA has also announced the plans to convene the corona virus vaccines for the purpose of discussing whether the composition of the current covid-19 vaccines should possibly be modified and what kind of updates should be selected for the decrease in the covid-19 cases.