US FCC to Investigate Massive Data Breach of T-Mobile


On Wednesday, 18th August 2021, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States said, it is going to be investigating a data breach, that has been disclosed by the company ‘T-Mobile’ of the United States impacting more than 47-million current, prospective and former customers of the company.

T-Mobile, third-largest wireless carrier of the United States said, the personal data, that has been including driver’s license information and the social security numbers of over 40 million prospective and former customers of the company had been stolen along with the data from the existing 7.8 million customers of the company.

The first and last names, along with the date of birth details of the customers had also been stolen, and the company said, there had been no indication that, the financial details had also been compromised.

A spokesperson of the US FCC said, the telecommunications companies have a basic duty for the protection of the information of their customers and the US FCC is aware of all the reports of a data breach, that had been affecting the customers of T-Mobile and they are still continuing with the investigation.

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The company ‘T-Mobile’, that is having 104.8 million customers as of June 2021, and the company has also acknowledged the breach of the data after Vice, a digital media outlet based in the United States have reported that, a seller has posted a forum, which has been offering a private data, which is also including the social security numbers from a data breach of the servers of T-Mobile.