US FCC Finalize Program to Replace Telecom Equipment of ZTE and Huawei


On Tuesday, 13th July 2021, the Federal Communications Commission has now finalized a program of 1.9 billion dollars for the purpose of replacing the equipment from the Chinese companies including ZTE and Huawei Technologies considered as the national security risks by the government of United States.

The program has been launched for the purpose of subsidizing the cost for all the small telecommunications companies in the United States for the purpose of replacing the gear from the companies like ZTE and Huawei in an effort for securing the networks of the United States.

For being eligible for the funds, the telecommunications companies of the United States must have to serve 10 million dollars, which has been a higher threshold than the previous funding of 2 million dollars in the previous version of the order.

The eligible companies of the United States, which had obtained the equipment from the companies including ZTE and Huawei Technologies can possibly apply to be reimbursed for the replacement costs of the companies, and the Communist Party of China had been previously saying that, it is not going to engage in the industrial espionage.

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The administration of Donald Trump had also worked specifically for keeping the so-called intelligence-sharing group ‘five eyes’ as the countries including United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia for working with the Huawei Technologies.

Mike Pompeo, former secretary of United States has already described Huawei Technologies and several other Chinese technology companies as Trojan horses for the Chinese intelligence.