US: Facebook Considering building NFT Features with Digital Wallet


The social media giant Facebook Inc. is now considering to build the products and features related to the non-fungible tokens or NFTs, the digital assets, which have been taken off with the increase of the block chain technology.

On Tuesday, 24th August 2021, David Marcus, executive at Facebook said, they are definitely looking at the number of ways for getting involved in the space because they are now thinking that, the company is really in a good position to do so.

David Marcus is also leading the Facebook Financial or f2, which is the internal group responsible for developing the Novi Digital wallet of the company, and the Novi Digital Wallet can possibly be used for holding the NFTs, and he also said that, when the people are having a good crypto wallet such as Novi Digital, they also have to think about how to provide help to the customers for supporting the NFTs.

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David Marcus also said, they are definitely thinking about this new feature, and he had not been more specific about what kinds of the products related to the NFT, the company might be going to build, and the digital wallet of Facebook is now ready, but the company is still waiting to launch the new feature until it can alongside Diem, which is a digital currency that was previously known as Libra.

David Marcus added that, Facebook is also going to consider introducing the Novi Digital wallet without Diem as the last resort, but has also believes that, both are necessary for the purpose of changing the way of the people for making the payments.