US End Covid-19 Testing Requirements For International Travel


The government of the United States is no longer going to require air travellers for having a proof of a negative corona virus test before entering the country from other countries. The officials said, they had been dropping the requirement because of the tremendous progress that, the country had made in the fight against the novel corona virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States is going to be re-evaluating the policy in 90 days and the administration said, it will not hesitate for acting to reinstate the rule of new variants making officials believe it has been necessary.

A senior official said that, they are able for taking this step because of the great progress and they have made in their fight against the novel corona virus and they have also made the lifesaving vaccines along with the treatments that are widely available and these tools are also working for preventing serious sickness and deaths and are also effective against the prevalent covid-19 variants spreading in the United States and across the world.

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The government of the United States, has introduced the rules requiring the air travellers for testing negative within three days of their flight and also providing proof of recent recovery from the novel corona virus.

The travel industry, which has been seeing the increase in the demand as concerns regarding the corona virus pandemic wane and has also said that, the United States has been lagging behind the other countries in the re-evaluation of the testing policies.