US Department of Energy to Fund Northwestern University


On Tuesday, the Department of Energy of US announced that, Northwestern University is going to be joining several other universities across the United States of America in receiving the funding from the Department of Energy of United States in an effort for advancing the deployment of the carbon-free nuclear energy.

The Department of Energy of United States said, it is going to be distributing a total amount of 61-million dollars in the funding for the development of the 99 advanced nuclear energy technologies in around 30 states of the country and also one territory of US, and 58 million dollars of the total amount will be going to the universities of the country.

The project has been mainly focusing on the research of the nuclear energy along with the infrastructure of the nuclear reactor for meeting the goal of Joe Biden’s administration of the 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 and net-zero target of carbon emissions by 2050.

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Jennifer Granholm said that, at the Department of Energy of US they are not only investing in the current nuclear fleet of the United States, but they are also going to be investing in the engineers and scientist, which are currently deploying and developing the next generation of the advanced nuclear technologies.

The nuclear power, which has mostly been providing a fifth of the electricity of US and over half of the zero-emission energy, has been essential for reaching the goal of the clean energy, and the awards, that have been managed by the Department of Energy program, is going to be enhancing the technology of nuclear energy.