US Could Again See 200,000 Novel Corona Virus Cases a Day


Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health has predicted that, the United States can soon experience more than 200,000 new cases of the novel corona virus every day as the Delta variant of the novel corona virus has now been spreading at a rapid speed, specifically among the unvaccinated people of the country.

Dr. Francis Collins said, he will be very much surprised if they do not cross the 200,000 novel corona virus a day in the upcoming weeks, and this is going to be heart breaking for considering that, they will never be thought that, they are going to come back in that type of space again.

He also said, before it was January, February, and it should the month of August again, but now they are dealing with the Delta variant of the novel corona virus, that has been highly contagious, and this has also been a heart-breaking situation where around 90 million people are still not vaccinated.

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The mark of 200,000 has still been ways away, and as of Saturday, the United States of America have averaged around 129,000 daily novel corona virus cases for the past seven days, which has been a number that has been increased everyday since 5th July 2021.

For now, the alarming increase in the novel corona virus cases, has now been responsible in stretching the resources of the health very poor as most of the hospitals have also been struggling to meet the demand of the people, which are in need for the crucial medical care.