US Considering to Decrease Covid-19 Quarantine Time Amid Omicron Variant Surge


On Tuesday, Anthony Fauci said, the federal health officials have been considering to ease the current guideline of novel corona virus vaccine quarantine by the US CDC, and the health officials has also been arguing the stealth restrictions of the novel corona virus might be more harmful to the people than the rapidly spreading Omicron covid-19 variant.

The change in the quarantine time period, which the experts said that, the new rules should be adopted urgently, and the new rules are also going to be affecting the fully vaccinated people, who had been tested positive for the novel corona virus but does not have any corona virus symptoms.

The recommendation comes as the lawmakers of the United States has been vowing to not to repeat such kinds of the corona virus lockdowns, which they have applied at the beginning of the novel corona virus pandemic in the year 2020, and they are going to continue for pushing the quarantine window of 10 days even if it is threatening the economy and lives of the people in the United States.

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The current covid-19 guidelines by the US CDC has been calling for the people, who have been tested positive for the novel corona virus to quarantine themselves for 10 days after developing the symptoms, but the critics have been arguing that, because of the Omicron covid-19 variant, such type of a time frame can eventually be crippling the hospitals and employees, who cannot work remotely have also been forced to quarantine themselves for complete 10 days.