US CDC to End COVID-19 Test for Travelers Arriving from China


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States will stop requiring travellers from China to take COVID-19 tests, joining other nations that have done so. This information comes from a reliable source. Last week, Japan stopped requiring all Chinese arrivals to take a virus test. The United States would keep an eye on cases all over the world and in China.

At the beginning of January, 2023, the United States joined India, Canada, Italy, Japan, and other nations in implementing new measures following China’s decision to relax strict zero-COVID policies. The virus affected 1.4 billion people in China at the beginning of December, 2022, after China abruptly abandoned its zero-COVID policy, resulting in an increase in COVID-19 cases. Experts have questioned that data, but in February, China’s top leaders claimed the lowest fatality rate in the world and declared a “major victory” over COVID-19.

In December, 2022, the United States expanded its program for genomic sequencing at airport terminals by including Seattle and Los Angeles. According to the source, the Traveler-based Genomic Surveillance Program (TGS), which solicits volunteers to aid in the early detection of novel variants, would continue.

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The source says that TGS will keep an eye on flights from more than 30 other countries, as well as flights from China and regional transportation hubs.