US CDC Chief: Omicron Covid-19 Variant Is Mild As Per Early Data


Rochelle Walensky, chief of US CDC said, more than 40 people in the United States have been identified for being infected with the new Omicron covid-19 variant until now, and over three-quarters of the people have been vaccinated, but she also said that, around all of the infected people are only mildly sick.

In an interview, Rochelle Walensky said, the data had been very limited and the agency had been continuously working on a more proper and detailed analysis of the what, the new corona virus Omicron variant might be holding for the United States.

Rochelle Walensky said, what they generally know is that, the more mutations a variant is having, the immunity of the people should be at the higher level, and they also want to make sure that, they bolster the immunity of everyone in the Unites States, which has been the real motivation for the decision for expanding their guidance.

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She also said, this disease is mild in around all the cases identified in the country so far, along with the symptoms that have been reported includes cough, congestion, and fatigue, and one person had been hospitalized, but no fatalities had been reported in the country.

She noted that, some of the new Omicron variant cases can increasingly become more serious as the time passes and the data has also provided first glimpse of the Omicron covid-19 variant infections in the United States.