US CDC Authorized Fourth Covid-19 Vaccine Shot for Immunocompromised People


The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has given the authorization to a fourth dose of the novel corona virus vaccine for the people who are having weaker immune systems.

The US CDC has also updated the guidance for the novel corona virus vaccine for the purpose of authorize the fourth dose for the immunocompromised people which is including the recipients of organ transplant, cancer patients, and also the people with HIV, and the dose will be given after at least six months completing their primary series of covid-19 vaccination.

In the month of August 2021, the US CDC has also recommended that, the immunocompromised people, who had been vaccinated with either the Moderna mRNA vaccine or Pfizer vaccine, but not the covid-19 vaccine of Johnson and Johnson should receive a third dose of an mRNA vaccine.

The new booster covid-19 vaccine dose can possibly be any of the available vaccine, that is also including the covid-19 vaccine developed by Johnson and Johnson, and the research has also shown that, the people which have weak immune systems does not mount an adequate immune response followed by the vaccination, and the main purpose for the third dose of the vaccine was to increase the levels of the immunity to what has been seen in the people which are having the normal immune systems after the two doses of the vaccines.

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The fourth dose of the novel corona virus vaccine has been aiming to combat the weakening immunity, along with serving the same purpose as a booster dose to the people that does not have any deficiencies after six months of getting their initial vaccines.