US CDC Advised Against Travel to 22 Countries


On Tuesday, 18th January 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States has advised against the travel to the 22 countries because of the increasing number of the novel corona virus cases and the list is also including Israel, Albania, Uruguay, Australia, and Egypt.

The health protection agency of the country has elevated the travel recommendation of the country to the level high along with telling the people of the United States that they should be avoiding the travel to those 22 destinations, which is also going to be including Panama, Bahamas, Bolivia, Qatar, Bahrain, and there now more than 100 countries on the level four list of the US CDC.

The other countries on the list of level four of the United States including France, Saudi Arabia, France, Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom and Turkey, and the US CDC also said that, it is going to be launching a do not travel rules until the people of the country are fully vaccinated, and by getting has still been the best way for the purpose of purpose protecting themselves from the serious disease, that is slowly spreading across the world and also decreasing the number of the new corona virus variants.

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The US CDC has been also encouraging the people of the United States for getting a novel corona virus vaccine booster dose if they are eligible, and the US CDC has also elevated more 20 countries to the level three list that is including Kuwait, Uganda, Cuba and Costa Rica.