US-Based Tech Firm ‘Chetu’ Expands Its Presence in Birmingham, UK


Chetu, a technology company based in the Florid, United States, that has successfully opened a base in the region of Birmingham, United Kingdom two years ago, has now expanded the presence of the company in the city again.

The company ‘Chetu’, that has been responsible in providing the services like the software development and support, has now opened a new operation in the region of Edgbaston after accepting and agreeing to a deal on the 1,656 square feet of the space at the 83 Hagley Road in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The company is also going to add its office in the region of Holloway Head, that has been opened in the year 2019 before doubling in the size in the year 2020, and this new base office is going to be creating 30 new jobs, and Atal Bansal, founder and chief executive of Chetu said, after just 21 year of coming into the operation, the growth that the company has now experienced in the year 2021 had been truly unprecedented.

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In spite of the trials of 2020, their incredible team has also excelled, and the team has successfully proven what is mean for being a world-class outfit, and Atal Bansal also said, he is now looking forward to the sustained growth of the company as they will be continuing to provide help in the business for the adoption and meeting the company’s information technology needs, and Chetu is also planning to start a new software delivery centre in the region of Dubai later 2021.