US-Based Palo Santo Announced its Launch of Psychedelic Investment Fund With $35 Million


Palo Santo, a leading psychedelic investment fund based in United States has announced its launch with an initial capital of 35 million dollars raised along with an active portfolio of 20 companies.

The diversified venture fund has been focusing in tackling the continuously increasing mental health crisis through the process of investment in the innovative and adjacent therapies, that are assured for shaping the future of the psychiatry and several other fields.

The psychedelic investment fund has been supported by the rapidly increasing body of the evidence along with a string support from the US FDA, the treatments assisted by psychedelic methods have been representing a paradigm shift in the treatment of the mental patients.

The continuously emerging ecosystem of the business opportunities has now been highly fragmented and because of the lack of institutional capital available, the company Palo Santo has now been focusing on the high growth and early-stage opportunities within the process of development of drug, healthcare services, biopharma, digital therapeutics and also the solutions enabled by the technology.

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These businesses in the United States had currently been positioned for having a profound impact on the treatment of a different varieties like PTSD, anxiety, depression, Addiction, neuropathic or chronic pain, OCD, neurodegenerative diseases, along with different range of the illness related to inflammation.

Daniel Goldberg, co-founder of Palo Santo said, they could not be more excited about how their company’s portfolio has been shaping up along with the company’s trajectory and this has been a moment of validation for their model.