US-Based Hemex Health and India’s Mylab Announced Technology Partnership for Point-of-Care Diagnostics


The Hemex Health, a medical diagnostic device company based in the United States and Mylab, a leading biotechnology company of India has partnered for the purpose of developing the next-generation diagnostic solutions for the Point-of-Care (POC) testing of the novel corona virus along with several other diseases, and under this partnership of technology, the company ‘Mylab’ is going to be developing the assays of the corona virus tests and the company Hemex Health is going to provide the company’s Gazelle POC testing platform.

After the second wave of the novel corona virus, the importance of the decentralized testing has become more evident because of the limited capacity of the traditional laboratories in the world, and the portable test assays and the diagnostic devices are going to be responsible for providing help in testing for the covid-19 at any location including different range of the environmental conditions.

This partnership will also be helpful in conducting the covid-19 tests without any need for transporting the samples, along with enabling the quick result for the patients, and together, both Hemex Health and Mylab are going to be developing the diagnostics based on the Electrophoresis and Fluorescence Immunoassay (FIA).

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These types of the novel corona virus tests are more sensitive than the normal rapid antigen tests and these tests might be having some lesser false negatives, and the diagnostic solution is going to be jointly introduced into the international markets that has also been including the Asia, Europe and the United States of America.