US Bank to Purchase Bento Technologies


The US Bank has now successfully signed an agreement for the purpose of acquiring the Bento Technologies, which is also known as Bento, a finance technology company based in the regions of San Francisco and Chicago responsible for providing the expense and payment management services to the small and medium size companies or businesses.

The innovative platform of the company ‘Bento’ has been offering the businesses several easy-to-use and simple tools for managing the card-based payments in a better way along with the better expenses through the process of card transaction and spend tracking controls.

This acquisition has been a part of the vision of the US Bank for the purpose of bringing the payments and banking services together for the purpose of simplifying the cash flow and managing money for the small businesses, and the software of the company based on the account payable is providing the clients of the US Bank a one-step experience for both of their needs including accounts receivable and accounts payable.

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Tim Welsh, vice chairman of Consumer and Business Banking at US Bank said, the owners of the businesses have been working hard daily for turning their passion into a business, and their main goal to make the management of money easier for the business owners so that, they can be able to spend less time on the administration tasks and spend more time on what they love.

He also said, their focus is to provide the customers of the US Bank with the digital capabilities, which the customers need to manage their finances from wherever they are.