US Announced Covid-19 Funding Deal of $10-Billion


The US lawmakers said that, an agreement for the purpose of providing 10 billion dollars in the US funding for the novel corona virus aid has been reached in the Senate. Chuck Schumer, Leader of Senate said that, he had been disappointed that, an agreement on 5 billion dollars of the global health funding had not also been reached.

The deal is also providing 10 billion dollars in the funding for the needs of covid-19 and therapeutics by repurposing the unspent corona virus funds, and it has been well under the 22.5 billion dollars and had to sought the administration of Joe Biden, president of the United States.

The Republicans of Senate has demanded any new requests for the novel corona virus funding to be paid by the repurposing the existing funds from the previous covid-19 relief funds and the lawmakers said that, the deal has been repurposing 10 billion dollars for the purpose of providing the needed domestic corona virus health response tools.

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The government of the United States said that, it had been grateful for the work of Senate on a plan for the purpose of helping them in meeting some of the corona virus response needs of the novel corona virus but it is still wanting more funding.

The government of the United States has urged for moving promptly on the 10 billion dollar package because it can possibly start to fund the most urgent needs as they have been currently running the risk of not having some of the serious tools like the tests and treatments starting in May and June 2022.