US Announced Additional $800-Million Military Aid and Weapons to Ukraine


Amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Joe Biden, president of the United States said that, the administration of Joe Biden is going to be providing Ukraine with an additional 800 million dollars of military aid and heavy artillery as the government of the United States is anticipated to big assault by Russian in the western region of Ukraine.

Joe Biden, president of the United States said, as Russia is preparing to intensify the attacks of Russia in the region of Donbas, and the United States is going to be continuing to provide Ukraine with the capabilities for defending itself.

Joe Biden said, the United States is going to contain of the highly effective weapon systems as they have already provided and the new capabilities that is tailored to the larger assault that they are expecting Russia for launching in the eastern region of Ukraine.

Joe Biden also said that, these new capabilities is including the artillery systems, and the artillery rounds and armored personnel carriers, he have also approved the transfer of the additional helicopters, and he also added that, the United States is going to continue for facilitating the transfer of the significant capabilities from the allies and partners across the world.

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This announcement has come at a time, when the United States has committed 1.7 billion dollars in the security assistance to Ukraine since Russia started its military operations.