US Announced Additional $41 Million Coronavirus Aid to India


The government of the United States of America has announced additional assistance of 41 million dollars to India for the country’s fight against the novel corona virus as the US lawmakers have been cutting across the party lines have been calling for more.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) said, this assistance is going to provide support the access to the novel corona virus testing, along with the mental health services related to the covid-19 pandemic, providing access to healthcare in the remote areas of the country and also giving timely referrals to the medical services in the country.

The USAID agency said, the assistance from United States to India has now been up to 200 million dollars, along with an additional amount of 500 million dollars more in the emergency supplies along with providing training for over 214,000 frontline healthcare workers in the country for the infection prevention and control, that will be benefiting more than 42 million people of the country.

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Joe Biden, President of the United States of America said, has promised to provide help to India, which has supported the United States, when it had been confronting a devastating increase in the novel corona virus cases in 2020, and the lawmakers from both the countries have been calling for more aid to the country of India at the time of a debate in the House of Representatives on a resolution of bipartisan, that has been introduced by Brad Sherman, Indian Caucus Democrat.