US: Amazon to Open Its First Clothing Outlet Driven by Technology


Amazon, a retail company based in the United States has been opening a physical apparel store that is going to be called as the Amazon Style, and it is also further going to be expanding the presence in the segment of bricks and mortar.

On Thursday, 20th January 2022, the company said that, the very first store of Amazon Style is going to be open at the Americana at the Brand shopping mall in the region of Loa Angeles suburb of the Glendale in the region of California, in the United States, and the store is also going to be offering the clothing of men and women, along with the shoes and different accessories from the different types of brands.

Simoina Vasen, managing director of the Amazon Style said that, just with a tap of a button, the shopping customers can possibly add the item for a fitting room and if they does not need to try along with sending it directly to the pickup counter of the store.

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Simoina Vasen also said that, the Amazon Style is also going to be built around the personalization, and she also added that, the personal styling that is used for being expensive along with feeling expensive, but with the sophisticated technology of Amazon Style along with its unique store and design and also the thoughtful curation, and they have also made it more easy than ever for the customers of the company to discover the items that, they will be looking and feel great.