US Allows Samsung to Freely Export Chipset Technology to China


The US Department of Commerce introduced more details regarding its plans to stop chip exports to China to prevent the United States from acquiring advanced semiconductor technology. The Department of Commerce has decided to allow both SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics to ship semiconductor factory equipment to their facilities in China without applying for a permit.

The US Department of Commerce has set new regulations in place, and it states that semiconductor producers that have collaborations with Chinese companies need to obtain a permit before shipping advanced chipset technologies to China.

These applications will be reviewed on case-by-case basis, and Samsung is confident that this may disrupt its chipset operations in China, as it will be unable to ship new equipment to factories for advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

However, according to reports, Samsung has been allowed to export chip equipment to strengthen its supply chain in China without waiting for approval from the US government. This permit will be valid for one year, and Samsung does not comment much on the matter.

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Samsung produces 38 percent of its NAND chips in China. Recently, Samsung shared its roadmap for next generation chipset manufacturing nodes, including 2 nanometer and 1.4 nanometer.