US: 35 Companies Sign On For Producing Generic Versions of Covid-19 Pill of Pfizer


Thirty five companies across the world have now signed the agreements for the purpose of producing the generic versions of the covid-19 pills developed by Pfizer and also selling them inexpensively in around 95 low income countries that together have been home for around half of the population of the world.

The Medicines Patent Tool, which has been a non-profit organization backed by the United Nations, which mainly negotiates a licensing agreement along with Pfizer has announced the roster of the companies that are going to participate.

The companies are also going to be standing to the significant expansion and the global supply chain of the antiviral treatment of covid-19, which the company ‘Pfizer’ has been selling under the brand name called as Paxlovid. This treatment has also been found for being highly effective in the process of ending the serious disease when it will be given to the patients of high risk early in the course of the covid-19 infection.

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Because Paxlovid has been made in the form of a pill and can also be taken at home, the Paxlovid has been much easier for the purpose of distribution that the required treatments such as the monoclonal antibodies. The thirty five companies are also going to be taking out the sublicenses for the purpose of making the drug, packaging the pills and also in the manufacturing process.