University of Kentucky and LG&E Partnered on Carbon Capture Technology


Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) and the University of Kentucky has launched a new partnership for the purpose of studying the carbon capture technology at the natural gas power plants in the country.

Last week, the scientists of University of Kentucky and LG&E announced that, they are currently studying how to capture the carbon dioxide economically, that is emitted from the natural gas power plants, and for doing that, the researchers want to reduce the costs of construction by producing the oxygen and hydrogen, that can possibly be sold for the purpose of offsetting the costs of the technology.

By keeping the electrical production at a constant rate of the natural gas plants, the researchers are hoping to generate the oxygen and hydrogen during the periods, when the demand for energy is low, and the researchers are saying that, the constant rate is going to increase the fuel efficiency along with extending the life of the equipment.

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The University of Kentucky said, the development of the technology is going to lead to the affordable and negative carbon emissions at the natural gas power plants, and Kunlei Liu, associate director at Center for Applied Energy Research of University of Kentucky said, they are now pleased for being collaborating with their partners for the purpose of developing a solution to the problem faced by the energy industry.

Lonnie Bellar, chief operating officer of LG&E said, they are very proud to once again partner with the University of Kentucky on the research that is having a potential for creating the meaningful advances in the generation of power.