United States Department of Defense Demonstrate 5G Network for Smart Watches


The 5G-to-Next G Initiative of the Department of Defense (DOD) of United States, that has been overseen by the office of the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, has been successful in demonstrating an advanced 5G network for the modernization of the logistics, that are exclusively designed and established in the United States of America.

The 90-million dollars prototype, known as Smart Warehouse Technology Early Capabilities Demonstration, that has been able to deliver the high 5G Speed downloads of the 1.5 GBPS. Once completed, the prototype is going to be deploying the technology in the Marine Corps Logistics Base in the region of Albany, Georgia, and it will be using around 750 MHz of the available bandwidth for the higher performance as a private 5G network.

The capabilities of ultra-low latency and high 5G speed, along with the specialized equipment, that has been built for handling them, is going to be responsible for delivering the significant enhancements in the operation process of the autonomous vehicles for the inventory management, along with the augmented or virtual reality applications and machine learning for the tracking of inventory for the improvement of the workforce efficiency in the operations of the warehouse.

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Dr. Joe Evans, principal director of Department of Defense’s 5G initiative said, the advanced telecommunications have been very critical to the economy of the United States and their way of the networked warfighting, and this initiative has been a major program of Department of Defense program, which has been intended to make sure the leadership of the United States in the 5G network technology.