United States Could Ban Chinese Apps Under Joe Biden’s Order


Under the order of Joe Biden, President of US, the government of United States of America could possibly ban hundreds of Chinese mobile applications in the country, and according to a report, which has been claiming that, Joe Biden, could possibly sign an executive order, that is going to be aiming at safe guarding the sensitive data of the people of US by forcing the Chinese mobile applications to take strict measures for the protection of the information.

The report said, the main aim of the order is to keep the foreign adversaries like Russia and China away from gaining the access to large amounts of the personal and professional business information.

The Department of Commerce of US said, it may be issuing a ban for collecting the information about several desktop computer software applications, along with the tablets, and smartphones, and the Department of Commerce also said, it might also be negotiating the conditions for the usage of the Chinese apps in the country or directly banning the apps.

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Gina Raimondo, Commerce Secretary of the United States, is going to be deciding, which Chinese apps should be banned in the country, but they also have to meet some decided criteria, and those Chinese apps must be managed, owned or controlled by an entity or a person, that has been supporting the military or the intelligence activities of a foreign adversary like Russia and China.

Once the app will be tagged by the Commerce Secretary of US, it will be notified to the company and then, the company will be having 30 days to propose measures to secure data or opposing the decisions.