United States Blacklists Several Chinese Tech Companies for Security Concerns


The tensions between the United States and China still continues as the government of the United States has put several Chinese companies in the country’s trade blacklist, and the government of the United States said that, these Chinese companies had been aiding to develop the quantum computing efforts of the military of China.

Around eight technology companies based in China had been added in the blacklist by the government of the United States not only for their alleged role in assisting the military of China but also making attempts for acquiring the items of US-origin in support of the military applications.

Gina Raimondo, commerce secretary of the United States said, the new listings of the companies are going to helpful in preventing the technology of the United States from backing the development of the advancement and activities of the non-proliferation concern of the Russian and Chinese military, which is also including the nuclear activities of Pakistan.

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The embassy of China in Washington, US has been firmly opposing the move of blacklisting the companies, along with spokesperson of the embassy saying that, the United States has been using the catch-all concept of the national security, and the country has also been abusing its power for restraining the Chinese technology companies in all the possible means.

The Chinese spokesperson also said, the United States needs to cooperate with China instead of going further in the wrong path.