United Kingdom’s Healthcare Chiefs Extend Shelf Life of Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine


The chiefs or heads of the healthcare of United Kingdom have now extended the shelf life of the corona virus vaccine jabs developed by Pfizer over the fears of the millions of injections that will possibly be thrown in the waste, and a decrease in the booster drive of the vaccines has been prompting the concerns that, the life-saving corona virus vaccine doses are going to be ending up from being wasted.

But the chiefs of the NHS England have now given the permission for pushing back the expiry date of the 20 batches of the corona virus vaccines that are developed Pfizer by around two weeks. The 20 batches of the corona virus vaccines developed by Pfizer that have been transported and stored in the ultra-cold freezers and it can now possibly be kept in the fridges for around 45 days after the vaccines are thawed, which were previously kept for 31 days only.

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The health officials of the United Kingdom also said that, the move had also been approved by both UK medicines watchdog and Pfizer is going to be allowing more number of the patients for being vaccinated over the upcoming days.

The NHS England has not given any confirmation that how many doses of the covid-19 vaccine had been affected, but the company ‘Pfizer has given the confirmation that, only the specified batches of the vaccine will now have a shelf-life of 45 days.