United Kingdom to Send Armoured Missile Launchers to Ukraine


The United Kingdom is soon going to be sending the armoured missile launchers to Ukraine after the Russia has started its full-scale offensive for the purpose of taking control of the eastern region of the country.

The ministry of Defense has demonstrated the Stormer High Velocity Missile (HVM) launcher for the army of Ukraine on the Salisbury Plain two weeks ago along with the paper that is adding the 13-tonne vehicles can possibly be flown on the C-17 transport planes in the days of war.

The Stormer has been manufactured by the BAE Systems, which is needing just three people for the purpose of operating it and also using the Starstreak missiles that can possibly be used for taking down the low-flying aircraft.

The decision has come after Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine said, a significant part of the whole Russian army had been concentrated on an offensive part in the eastern region, where the country of Russia-backed the separatists have declared two independent republic that have been recognised by Russia.

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The president of Ukraine has also been pleading for the western powers for giving him a greater firepower for the purpose of fighting back along with Boris Johnson, who said that, he had been certainly looking at what the more military assistance they can possibly give amid the reports that, the United Kingdom can possibly send the armoured vehicles.