United Kingdom to End Coronavirus Testing For Fully Vaccinated International Travelers


According to the reports, the novel corona virus testing for the fully vaccinated travelers arriving in the United Kingdom is going to be ended starting from 4 am on 11th February 2022.

In a boost for the travel companies and the families that are planning the trips abroad, the travelers that are eligible will no longer have to take a after arrival LFT (lateral flow test, and this change is going to be saving around 100 pounds to the families arriving in the country, and the industry body known as Airlines UK said that, it had been a landmark day.

Grant Shapps, transport secretary of the United Kingdom said, this means that after months of the pre-departure testing along with post-arrival testing and self-quarantine, and also additional expense that, the fully vaccine people had to do when they are travelling to the United Kingdom had been imposed for verifying the status of the travelers through a passenger locater form.

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The travelers, who are Under the age of 18 years are going to continue for being treated as eligible fully vaccinated travelers but Gtant Shapps also said that, the travelers between the age of 12 to 15 years will have to prove their corona virus vaccination states through the digital NHS pass for the international outbound travel.

The government of the United Kingdom is all set for recognizing the corona virus vaccine certificates from more 16 countries including the countries like China and Mexico.