United Kingdom Scientists: Covid-19 Cases to Decrease in the Country


The scientists of the United Kingdom have been detecting the signs that, the highly contagious Omicron corona virus wave has been cresting in the United Kingdom and is about to so in the United States and the scientists have also been pointing the instance can start to decline rapidly in the country.

The reason behind for this decrease is that, after its identification before a month and a half in South Africa, and the variation has also proven to be highly contagious that, it might be running out of the individuals for infecting the people of the United Kingdom.

Ali Mokdad, health metrics sciences professor from the University of Washington located in the region of Seattle said that, it is also going to be coming down as fast as it has been going up. The experts of the United Kingdom has also been warning that, even though the remains are not known about how the upcoming phase of the novel corona virus might be playing out, and according to the data from the government of the United Kingdom, the new novel corona virus in the United Kingdom has been decreased to around 140,000 cases per day.

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As the corona virus cases have increasing in the locations such as Southwest England and the West Midlands of the country, and the data have also generated the optimism that, the two countries including UK and the United States are all set for experiencing something similar to what has happened in South Africa.