Under the US Antitrust Legislation, Amazon Might Lose Its Logistics Business


The company Amazon could possibly be forced for selling the company’s valuable logistics services division, which includes the network of the warehouses and delivery hubs around the United States, which has been powering the quick delivery of the online orders under the antitrust legislation, that has been proposed by a congresswoman from the hometown of Amazon at Seattle.

Pramila Jayapal, democrat of US government has proposed a bill along with the bipartisan support, which would have been preventing the company Amazon from the luring sellers for using the busy webstore of Amazon.

According to a report, around 85 percent of the biggest sellers of Amazon generally use the fulfilment by the services of Amazon, along with paying the fees of the online retailer for the storage of the warehouse, along with shipping and packing of the products.

The bill from Pramila Jayapal had been introduced on 11th June 2021 and the bill is going to be considered on Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 by the Judiciary Committee along with the five other antitrust reform fills, along with the votes for the advancement of the measures to the house floor, that is expected in this week, and there has also been no senate companion for the legislation, along with the support in the chamber is still not clear.

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As the introduced bill might never become law, it has been the clearest indication that, how the lawmakers have been starting to rein in the market power of the company Amazon in the United States, where the shoppers of the country are going to be spending 386 billion dollars in 2021.