UK’s Transport Secretary Encourages Drivers to Switch to Electric Vehicles


Grant Shapps, transport secretary of United Kingdom has been encouraging the drivers to go all electric on the occasion of the world EV Day. The Drivers up and down, which United Kingdom can explore the making of the switch to the electric vehicle with a new application or app backed by the government of United Kingdom.

As the country is now preparing to host the COP26 climate summit in this November 2021, the government of the United Kingdom is now working with the industry for the purpose of providing the tools along with the practical advice which the drivers need for going electric.

A free app, which is called EV8 Switch, that has been backed by 2.7 million pounds of the funding of UK Space Agency, and the app is responsible for calculating how much money, the drivers of United Kingdom can possibly save by switching to an electric vehicle as compared to the current petrol or diesel vehicles of the drivers.

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The drivers of the cars can also see that, which type of electric vehicles are going to be the most suitable for the drivers based on the current vehicle and how switching to the electric vehicles can possibly fit in with the current lifestyle of the drivers, and those with the app can possibly see how close the nearest electric vehicle charging points are and what type of journeys can possibly be completed without the need for the en-route.