UK’s Paysafe Agrees to Acquire Germany’s viafintech


After the acquisition of SafetyPay and PagoEfectivo, Paysafe, a fintech company based London has successfully signed a definitive partnership with viafintech, one of the leading fintech companies based in Germany in a cash-based transaction, this acquisition is not only going to boost the growth opportunities of Paysafe in Germany but it is also going to be creating several opportunities for cross selling the payments solutions and alternative banking to the merchants of Paysafe across the globe.

This acquisition is also allowing Paysafe to solidify the position of the company as a market leader for the open banking solutions and eCash globally, and after completion of all the three acquisitions, the eCash business of Paysafe is going to be able for offering the open banking solutions and eCash in more than 60 countries along with more than one million distribution points.

Udo Muller, CEO of Paysafe said, they have been very excited to welcome viafintech into the family, and they believe that, the team has been perfectly positioned for taking the advantage of the shift far away from the banking system legacy in the country of Germany.

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Sebastian Seifert, managing director and co-founder of viafintech said, they are very happy for becoming a part of Paysafe and they believe that, this move is going to be responsible for enabling them to build their achievements in the banking business across Europe.

As a part of the acquisition, the team of viafintech, including the managing directors Achim Bonsch, Sebastian Seifert, and Andreas Veller, are going to become part of the expanding team of the open banking solutions and eCash service of Paysafe that has been headed up by Udo Muller, CEO of Paysafe.