UK’s National Windscreens Launched New Online AI System


The company ‘National Windscreens’ has launched a new online artificial intelligence (AI) system that is providing an instant decision on whether a windscreen can be repaired or not, and this new system has been launched on the website of National Windscreen.

The drivers has to upload a photo to the website of the company and the system will be advising them on whether the repair or replacement can be undertaken or not. The photograph is used for the purpose of identifying that, if the replacement is required and this means that, the online booking process with go straight to choosing the date and location of where the customer wants the work for being carried out along with no additional information required.

David Pugh, IT director at National Windscreens said that, the artificial intelligence system of the company has been tested extensively for the past 12 months along with tens of thousands of the images being uploaded on the website. He said, their tests have been showing that, the artificial intelligence decisions on whether the replacement or repair that are required have been accurate in more than 98 percent of the cases along with providing the image uploaded has been in line with the simple guidelines that the company provides.

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He also said that, the drivers are now provided with a faster and more streamlined experience and the company collect the damage assessment information that is more detailed and accurate than the past industry standards methods.