UK’s Healthcare Workers Urged Boris Johnson to Toughen Air Pollution Laws


The bodies in United Kingdom, that represents 650,000 healthcare staff across the healthcare system of United Kingdom are now demanding that, Boris Johnson, prime minister of United Kingdom, should take more stringer and quick actions for stopping the air pollution in the country form maintaining good health of the country.

Last week, the government of United Kingdom said, it will be launching a public consultation in 2022 along with a view for setting the tougher targets for the air pollution in the legislation by October 2022, but a consortium, which includes the royal medical and nursing colleges, along with the British Medical Association and different journals said, that does not go far enough.

The bodies representing healthcare workers want to see that, the government of United Kingdom committing to the tougher guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO), whereas it has only said that, it is going to be informing the ambitions in shaping these air pollution targets, along with giving no guarantee that, the tougher rules will be implemented.

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A letter submitted from the Umbrella Group, the Health Alliance on Climate Change of UK said, they have been urging the government of United Kingdom for using this bill for making a legally-binding commitment for decreasing the fine pollution particulates present in air in United Kingdom to below the maximum level, that has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) by 2030.

The letter also said, delaying the settlement of the targets of air quality in UK along with the implementation of the secondary legislation has been insufficient for the protection of the people of UK from the immediate harm.