UK’s Food and Drink Industry Reveals Waste, Carbon and Water Goals 2030


The food and drink industry of United Kingdom has been collectively pledging to speed up the industry’s efforts for the reduction of the food waste and greenhouse gases, have announced the plans for halving both by the end of 2030 as being a part of the plan, which was designed for cutting down the costs across the food and drink industry of UK by billions of pounds every year.

The pledges had been announced by the waste charity WRAP of United Kingdom as a part of the Courtauld Commitment, which has been a voluntary agreement, that is responsible in bringing together over 80 food and drink businesses in the country along with the NGOs, government departments, trade bodies and several other organizations.

UK’s Courtauld Commitment, which was first founded in 2005, has been updated for the purpose of introducing more ambitious goals for several times withing the past 10-year program that has begun in 2015 responsible for setting out a range of targets for the main purpose of decreasing the use of water, waste and emissions of carbon across the food and drink industry of United Kingdom by 2025.

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This initiative has been comprising of more than 90 percent of the food retail industry of United Kingdom, along with the producers of food in the country, farmers and growers, the hospitality and food service industry, the charities and redistributors, the local authorities and also the trade bodies, and now the companies are also aiming to decrease the food waste per capita by 50 percent by the end of 2030.