UK’s Competition Watchdog Called Government to Urge in Prevention of Charging Deserts


The competition authority of United Kingdom has called for the government to intervene in the charger market of the electric cars for the purpose of preventing the charging deserts and also increasing the availability in the different locations outside London, which mostly remain undeserved.

United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) also said, it had also opened an investigation into the dominance of Electric highway, a provider in the rapid charging network at the motorway service stations. The electric cars have also been a crucial part of the plan of United Kingdom for the purpose of reaching the net zero carbon emissions by 2050, as a part of the efforts of United Kingdom to alleviate the climate crisis, and in 2020, the government of United Kingdom has announced that, the sales of the new diesel and petrol cars are going to be banned by 2030.

Although, the car industry of United Kingdom has been argued that, more public investment is going to be needed for the purpose of solving the problem, as some consumers are putting off from purchasing an electric car due to the poor charging availability, but the car charging companies are now willing to invest till enough consumers are going to purchase the electric vehicles.

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According to the forecasts of UK CMA, it has suggested that, the public charger network is going to be needed for the expansion by around 10 times by 2030, from the charging points between 25,000 to between 280,000 and 480,000 across United Kingdom.