UK’s Caigan Vehicle Technologies to Covert Internal Combustion Engines to Hydrogen with New Technology


A new converter of the hydrogen fuel cell for the internal combustion engine vehicles has been launched by Caigan Vehicle Technologies, a company based in United Kingdom, which is looking to convert the diesel and petrol vehicles.

On 26th August 2021, the company ‘Caigan Vehicle Technologies’ said, the engineers of the company can possibly replace the traditional combustion engines with a fully hydrogen fuel cell power system for the purpose of allowing the fleet managers to upgrade the vehicle to reduce the emissions and also meeting different types of the net zero targets.

For the process of combustion vehicle to hydrogen vehicle, the Caigan Vehicle Technologies is going to remove the existing fuel systems and engines and the retrofit of a hydrogen storage tank, which is a fuel cell used for converting the hydrogen gas to the electricity, along with an electric drive motor and a traction battery.

Steve Turner, managing director of Caigan Vehicle Technologies said, the organizations and the companies are now under the continuously growing pressure for the purpose of decreasing the carbon footprint of the companies and there will not be enough number of electric vehicles for meeting the demand as they are approaching the deadlines of the net-zero targets.

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Steve Turner also said, they can also design and integrate a hydrogen powertrain along with the reduction in the range and payload when it is compared to the power obtained from diesel or petrol, and this option is allowing the fleet managers to upgrade their high-value assets and keep them in service.