UK’s Aston Martin Sues Swiss Dealer Over Payments of Valkyrie


The automobile company of UK ‘Aston Martin’ has announced that, it is going to sue a Swiss car dealer along with its board members that, the company claims, have withheld the deposits of the customers for the supercar Valkyrie.

The car company of United Kingdom has also filed legal civil proceedings against the Nebula Project AG, and it has also asked the Swiss prosecutors for doing the investigating the potential criminal behaviour by the board members of the Swiss car dealers, and the company Aston Martin has also terminated the commercial agreement with the Swiss car dealer.

Aston Martin said, the last management of the company has signed an agreement with the Swiss car dealer Nebula Project in 2016 for the purpose of underpinning the development of the supercar Valkyrie and several other mid-engine supercars, and as a part of the deal, the Nebula Project has provided the funding for the development of the super car Valkyrie, in return for the royalty payments based on commission that were linked to the volume of production of the 2.5 million pounds car.

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The company ‘Aston Martin’ has also terminated the dealership agreement with the AF Cars AG, that has mainly been managed by the same board members that looks over the Nebula Project, which has been claiming that, it has sold the vehicles in breaking the rules of the dealership agreement. Aston Martin also said, the missed payments from the Swiss car dealer is going to lead to a hit of 15 million pounds of the profits in 2021.